independent-womanIs it me or does it seem like men are attracted to an independent woman, or are they? This topic has come up more times than not in my recent conversations with the ladies.

As I have said several times before, I feel as though men have helped to create the independent woman. You’re probably saying, “What does that mean?” Well, I can speak for myself when I say that as a female, I by no means want to “not” need a man, but through past relationship experiences, being able to survive meant I had to learn to do things for myself and by myself. Trust me; it wasn’t by choice.

For all of the ladies who are currently in a relationship or marriage that can identify with where I am coming from, you have to ask yourself, how does your level of independence translate to the man in your life? Does your significant other feel irrelevant, useless, or even beneath you? Now that’s the million dollar question. In my opinion, this warrants a conversation to unblur the lines in an attempt to define roles, but one thing for certain the traditional roles of a man aren’t what they once were, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I will say this; however, the two of you decide that the roles will be split, everyone needs to be comfortable with the arrangement. If not, this could certainly create a mess to be resolved.

So what do men really want? Uh, I still don’t know, and since every guy is different, perhaps you should try asking yours. Good Luck.

I’m signing off until next time.