Hi! My name is Jennifer. I’m a married mother of 2, and like most people I know in relationships I’m always learning new things, trying new things, and most of all sharing things that could be beneficial to making relationships work. So, now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way welcome to my blog—RELATIONSHIP CHRONICLES. You’re probably asking yourself what makes me such a relationship expert. Well, I didn’t say I was, you did. LOL. I’m just a girl who has had my fair share of relationship experiences. I’ve liked, I’ve loved, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been hurt again, and I have learned many lessons. Lessons I’m willing to share with you. I guess you can say that I have several certifications from Living Life University.

There are several relationship blogs out there, but the thing that makes mine different from the rest is that I’m giving points of views and opinions based on my personal experiences, and we all know that no two people have shared the same experiences. So feel free to jump right in anytime to ask questions, share advice or even give recommendations. I just hope that my posts will be encouraging, insightful, and relatable for you. ENJOY!!!