I’m warning you; this is random. I came across a post while scrolling through my timeline today that I thought was worth mentioning. The post was on a website that was created to expose home wreckers. This site https://shesahomewrecker.com, allows women to post a pic and a description of the woman who they believe or know to be the home wrecker of their house.

So my immediate thought was “How Do Home Wreckers Exist?” Please believe that I quickly formulated my answer. In my opinion, a homewrecker could not exist if no one in the house gives them a reason to. In other words, a home wrecker (male or female) must have a willing participant. At some point, people have to learn what they have signed up for in a relationship or marriage. You’re making a commitment and commitments should be honored and not easily broken. Now some would say that there are things in a relationship that causes one to question commitments. I’m inclined to think that if you have to question the commitment, then you shouldn’t be in it. I get it, relationships are work, and sometimes things don’t go as planned, BUT you and your partner should always know where the two of you stand.

Let’s say you purchased an item and you had certain expectations for it and it does not meet your expectations. If it’s brand new, you will exchange it for another. If it’s used, you may get it serviced to have it repaired. Should you continue to experience issues with the item, then you would invest to get another. In fact, you would more than likely discard the old item. It’s highly unlikely that you would keep the old item after the new one is purchased and use them both. So why would this be anyone’s approach to their partner?

Depending on where you stand, you either understand where I am coming from, or you are wondering what my point is. For clarity, I’m saying be faithful and committed to the one that you chose to be with and if it is not working seek help to resolve your issues. If you still find yourself unable to settle your differences after doing the work and making countless compromises, then dissolving the relationship may be the option for you. Don’t complicate things by involving other people. The truth of the matter is your mate’s pic may be the better choice to post because they know better than the one they are cheating with what the two of your supposedly have together at home. Over and out.

I’m signing off until next time.